SmartWarePro360™ Technology

Giving you tomorrow’s advantage…today! Prepare custom settings for each location at home and download them directly into your machines.

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One example for a HealthyYOU Machine in an office building…


Set up discounted prices on some or all products for employees working after 6pm on weekdays and after 3pm on weekends.


Free vends for anyone working on weekends after 6pm (paid for by the office).


Turn the drink refrigeration system off at 5pm and back on at 5am (eco-friendly via less energy consumption).


Turn the machine lights off at 8pm and back on at 8am.


Lock-out (disable) machine each Monday from 10am to 11am during staff meeting.


Give a free drink every 100 vends (“Lottery” Setting).


Offer “Combo Deals” with discounts for customers who purchase a drink, snack and/or an entrée.

Other wide-ranging settings at your command…


Set regular and discounted prices for each product (displayed electronically – no need for price stickers like other machines)


Allow customers to press a selection before purchasing to see the price, the name of the product and calories for that product. Calorie disclosure information is required under the Affordable Care Act.


Choose between 12 & 24 hour internal machine clock and set your machine to automatically change for Daylight Savings Time (most vending machines do not even have an internal clock)


Set up custom display messages. You choose how your customers will be greeted


Set automatic high & low refrigeration system settings. No manual compressor adjustments needed as on other machines


Remote diagnostics –data can be sent to Technical Support Team for analysis

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