Optional Wellness Center Side Vendor

Add Additional Revenue Opportunities and Get Bigger and Better Locations

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The Wellness Center Side Vendor
Taking Healthy Vending to a Whole New Level

A mini-convenience store attached to your machine and using the same payment systems

Here’s some benefits that your customers will love

  • Offer Medicines
    Over-the-counter medications are some of the most widely purchased items in convenience stores. People will pay a premium for a dose or two of medicine that they would typically have handy at home. These include items for cold and flu symptoms, allergies, heartburn, indigestion, headache and more.
  • Offer CBD Oil Products
    Offer these increasingly popular natural remedies in oils, cream and lotions, capsules, edibles and more.
  • Offer Covid-19 Related Products
    Right now masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and more are an important part of many Wellness Centers.
  • Accessibility
    The Wellness Centers can provide the same types of products, but in an even more convenient delivery system.
  • Safety
    Your customers will pay a premium for a remedy to what ails them if they can buy it right at work without needing to leave the office.

You may not need a Wellness Center in every location but you definitely want the option of adding one.

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