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HealthyYOU Vending, a longtime favorite of franchise seekers, has been named by FranchiseHelp as the Fastest Growing OPPORTUNITY in the nation—and Top 3 Overall..

Franchise Seekers Love Healthy YOU Vending

So, you may be asking yourself, “How did a 21-year-old company win the award for the fastest growing business among franchises?” Simply put, Franchise seekers love what they see in the Healthy YOU Vending business model. Especially the opportunity to manage their business remotely—and without employees!

Key factors that determine this important ranking.

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Cost & Fees: Including required liquid capital and franchise/royalty fees

The liquid capital requirement to start a Healthy YOU Vending business is among the lowest in the industry—and we have no royalties or ongoing fees.

Size & Growth: Including growth rate and years in operation

After 21-years in business, over 1700 healthy vending operators and a long track record of success, Healthy YOU Vending is hard to beat.

Support: Including marketing and operational support, and training

Healthy YOU Vending provides a Lifetime Coaching Guarantee—and our operators receive franchise level support, no strings attached. Assistance in finding locations for the vending machines is also included.

While ranked with and compared to franchises, Healthy YOU Vending is actually a business opportunity and we offer many advantages over franchises.

Talk directly to our operators about why they chose Healthy YOU Vending over the franchises they were considering—and how their business is performing.

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Here are eight reasons why Healthy YOU Vending is an attractive alternative to a traditional franchise.

No Ongoing Fees

Make a one-time investment with Healthy YOU Vending and you NEVER pay royalties or other ongoing fees. The average franchise takes one third of the pre-tax profit margin of its franchisees.

Net Worth is Not All About Money in the Bank

Many franchises would have screened out some of our most successful operators. Why? Not enough cash on hand or the right looking balance sheet. At Healthy YOU Vending, it’s about you, your passion and work ethic.

Technology-Based, Not People-Based

Most of a franchise owner’s time is spent recruiting, training and managing employees. With the remote monitoring of your machines, one operator can operate many machines at once. You don’t need to hire employees, unless you want them.

Flexible Hours and Time Commitment

Few franchises provide the option of starting part-time. With Healthy YOU Vending, you don’t have to work 60 hours/week. How you build your new business is up to you. Work part-time or full-time—it’s completely up to you.

Franchise Level Support

But Without All the Strings Attached

At Health YOU Vending, it’s your business and you set the rules, not us. We teach you best practices and then let you follow your own dream. Our operators are true entrepreneurs, instead of just a franchisee.

Startup Time is Measured in Weeks, Not Months

With a franchise, it can take between four and six months before you have paying customers. With Healthy YOU Vending you are only weeks away from a fully operational business. Our startup process is designed to expedite your business success.

Hands-On or Hands-Off—
It Works Either Way

You can be an investor/absentee owner, or a hands-on operator. We will train you—or teach your employees how to operate the machines while you monitor the business with access to all of the remote reporting. You can engage fully in the business, or manage it from a distance.

Be Nimble, Agile and Adaptable

Franchises require a signed, multi-year lease for each location—with no option to move. Healthy YOU Vending operators can easily move a lower performing machine into a better producing location.

Talk directly to our operators about why they chose Healthy YOU Vending over the franchises they were considering—and how their business is performing.

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