Better Than A Franchise

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Healthy YOU Vending -
Better than a Franchise

A traditional franchise provides an entrepreneur (franchisee) the ability to purchase a complete business framework. The franchisee pays an initial fee and ongoing royalties in exchange for the rights to use the trademarks, processes, products and services of the parent corporation (franchisor). Franchising enables hopeful entrepreneurs the ability to become part of a larger, tried-and-tested business model.

But there are downsides to a traditional franchise. They include loss of freedom to make key decisions, rigid adherence to rules or regulations and high initial and recurring costs.

What Makes Healthy YOU Vending Better Than a Traditional Franchise?

The Healthy YOU model gives you all the support of a traditional franchise, but allows you to be more independent. We believe it’s your business so it should be your success. With over $79,000 dropped into vending machines every minute in the United States alone—a whopping $115 million per day—you have every opportunity for that success.

Here’s How We Compare

No Franchise Fees

We don’t burden you with franchise, royalty or recurring fees. Once you make an investment with our company you pay no ongoing fees to us. And we help you save money on products and avoid commission paid to locations.

Be Your Own Boss

Many franchisors take away your autonomy and place restrictions on your freedom. Healthy YOU Vending doesn’t pigeonhole you into specific services, products or hours. You can truly run your business the way you see fit.

Coaching and Support

Healthy YOU offers complete training, ongoing support, lifetime coaching and the strongest guarantees in the industry. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs like you succeed in the burgeoning healthy vending industry for more than 20 years.


Instead of one very expensive location you are locked into for years your business is spread over multiple free locations you can change at any time.

Flexibility and Agility

If you’re a serial entrepreneur or looking to start a side hustle, Healthy YOU Vending provides you with a totally flexible and agile business model. Expand your business as you see fit—not the franchisor.

I would like to receive more information about this opportunity.

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