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HealthyYOU Vending Reviews

Michelle D. – Friendswood, Texas

In doing my comparisons against other healthy vending companies, I discovered that HealthyYOU offered the best opportunity for me to have beautiful, high-quality vending machines and the opportunity to make the most profits while providing me support all along the way. Other vending companies either want you to pay a franchise fee back to them, or they require you to continually purchase other products from them, but not with HealthyYOU Vending. You buy the vending machines from them and that’s it! Of course, they hope that down the road, as your business grows, if you want to buy more machines, that you will buy from them.

Michelle D. Friendswood, Texas November 14, 2013

Danny, Kim, Daniel, Stephanie, Boyd, Quincy, Reese, Richard, Erika, Macy & Ryder V. – Tonasket, Washington

It didn’t take long to see that HealthyYOU was the obvious choice. What a great feeling. To know that one of your goals is being met with such support not only by your family, but by a company that makes you feel like family.

Danny, Kim, Daniel, Stephanie, Boyd, Quincy, Reese, Richard, Erika, Macy & Ryder V. Tonasket, Washington October 9, 2013

Jodi B. – Shorewood, Wisconsin

The machines are easy to use, reliable, durable, and very attractive! I can go online at anytime and look at my sales for the day. I love the remote monitoring system!!!!

Jodi B. Shorewood, Wisconsin October 9, 2013

Matt & Amy W. – Auburn, Alabama

We were drawn to HealthyYOU Vending because of all they offer as a vending machine company. You buy the machines and you own them! You can place them where you want, and put whatever you wish in them. They are yours and it’s your business to make as successful as you wanted! Even better once you have purchased your machines the HealthyYOU Vending support center is there for you to help you with anything you need. Whether you have experience in business or no experience at all there are people to help you along the way. HealthyYOU Vending cares whether or not you are a success! The tools that HealthyYOU Vending provides you with are endless.

Matt & Amy W. Auburn, Alabama November 14, 2013

Roger & Lynn K. – Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Contacting HealthyYOU Vending was one of our best Business choices. My wife and I researched several other vending companies and found HealthyYOU Vending Company to be the #1 choice for Machine Quality, Warranty, Support, and Training.

Roger & Lynn K. Doylestown, Pennsylvania October 9, 2013

Rachna M. – San Diego, California

Dealing with the entire team at HealthyYOU Vending has been a very positive and rewarding experience. From the moment I made contact with the company I knew I was dealing with a very dedicated group of people. Thank you again for everything!

Rachna M. San Diego, California October 9, 2013

Eugene P. – San Diego, California

I first researched 5 other vending companies and HealthyYOU Vending stood out to me for a multitude of reasons. The eye catching graphics definitely allows it to be more noticeable than any traditional machine currently in the market. I was also buying into an independent company with the family like atmosphere, structure, and camaraderie of a large franchise without having to actually work for a franchise.

Eugene P. San Diego, California December 12, 2013

Nicholas S. – White Plains, New York

HealthyYOU Vending is all that is required to secure your future in becoming a successful operator of a vending business. The quality of the service and support provided by the employees of HealthyYOU Vending in their Kaysville, Utah headquarters is truly world class. We chose to do business with HealthyYOU Vending because of their deep knowledge and understanding of the industry. We continue to do business with HealthyYOU Vending because no other company within this space can offer the systems and support required to operate and grow a profitable and healthy vending company.

Nicholas S. White Plains, New York October 9, 2013

Elizabeth C. – Chesapeake, Virginia

I compared other companies to HealthyYOU Vending and found with their 30 years of experience in the vending industry, I couldn’t go wrong with this company. Everything that was promised, from the ordering, delivery, and coaching, has been handled with ease by a wonderful staff!

Elizabeth C. Chesapeake, Virginia October 9, 2013

Douglas L. & Joan B. – Kissimmee, Florida

My wife and I looked at multiple Healthy Vending opportunities and HealthyYOU was a breath of fresh air. None of the other companies we looked at came close to the overall package from HealthyYOU. The HealthyYOUniversity training was a huge help in jumpstarting our business. Everyone we’ve been in contact with has been wonderful and really taken the time to mentor us and get our business up and running.

Douglas L. & Joan B. Kissimmee, Florida October 9, 2013

Tony & Tina G. – Charlotte, North Carolina

A HealthyYOU vending machine is state of the art, reliable, handsome and the answer to healthier snacking. We say, “OUT WITH TRADITIONAL JUNK FOOD SNACKING!”
We had a wonderful experience working with the staff at HealthyYOU. This is not our first business but first vending business. They are very supportive, patient, helpful and quickly tended to our needs. Everything was delivered exactly as we were told.

Tony & Tina G. Charlotte, North Carolina November 14, 2013

Jim G. – Portland, Oregon

I have spent over 30 years in franchising as both a franchisor and franchisee. The training and support from HealthyYOU Vending far exceeds the level of support provided by most franchises.

Jim G. Portland, Oregon October 9, 2013

Victoria H. – Sunnyvale, California

I looked over many options for purchasing or developing a healthy vending machine business and HealthyYOU kept coming out ahead in price, support and visual appeal compared to other vending opportunities. As a first time vending machine businesswoman I have found the guidance, from the very beginning steps on how to unpack and set-up the machines to stocking and troubleshooting, to be a valuable combination that has helped me to get my business going quickly and smoothly.

Victoria H. Sunnyvale, California October 11, 2013

Daniel C. – Los Angeles, CA

When I saw the machines themselves I was sold. I have an MBA and I have owned several very successful businesses through the years. My research took me to every company that sells healthy vending machines and I came to the conclusion that HealthyYOU Vending is the overall best possible choice.

Daniel C. Los Angeles, CA October 9, 2013

John K. – Garden City, New York

I chose HealthyYOU Vending not only because of their extensive experience and spotless track record in the Vending business but also because of the state of the art technology their machines have to offer. Having entree’s and sides as Healthy options not only provides me with more ways to make money in one machine, it also provides my customers with a one stop shop to satisfy their every need. Traditional machines cannot offer this, which gives me an advantage among the competition. I’m also excited about the Rmm feature, being able to access daily reports of sales and inventory sold from the comfort of my home is great. The credit/debit card payment is another way to stimulate sales and an added convenience to my customers.

John K. Garden City, New York November 14, 2013

Kristy H. – San Antonio, Texas

I chose HealthyYOU Vending over the other companies for many reasons, but one of the top reasons was that they are not a franchise, although they give the support of a franchise. They are not going to control my business, tell me what I can and can’t do, or take a cut of all of my profits. They also allow me to promote my business name, not the franchise business name. It’s nice knowing the company you have aligned yourself with is run by people of integrity, who truly care and are not into all the hype of so many companies.

Kristy H. San Antonio, Texas October 9, 2013

Sean N. – St. Louis, Missouri

I would like to thank all of you for everything again for your ongoing support for me after purchasing a machine. This makes me want to buy more machines from you because I know that I would not be in this alone.

Sean N. St. Louis, Missouri October 9, 2013

Richard T. – Grand Haven, Michigan

I contacted 6 different vending machine companies requesting pricing, machine information, delivery times and support. And I waited. You got back to me the quickest with more information and more options than any of the other companies.

When my machines arrived I couldn’t wait to get them located. My customers love the credit/debit card readers and I like having previous day sales emailed to me every day.

I’ve not had any problems with my machines and look forward to purchasing more, very soon. As far as I’m concerned, you are the only way to go.

Richard T. Grand Haven, Michigan November 14, 2013

Eric L. – Franksville, Wisconsin

HealthyYOU Vending has been a great business partner to assist in starting my own Healthy Vending Business. I say ‘partner’ because from the time I decided to invest in my own business to actually getting it up and running, they have been there for me the whole way.

Eric L. Franksville, Wisconsin October 9, 2013

Martin R. – Bourne, Massachusetts

From day one the experience was outstanding. The pictures of the machines do it no justice. It is a high quality machine at a fair price and is gorgeous. The coaching department helps out with any questions that you have and the sales department was great. We will be adding more machines to our business and would not even think of another machine.

Martin R. Bourne, Massachusetts October 9, 2013

Steve & Lara M. – Grand Junction, Colorado

I would like to start out by saying “Thank You” for everything your company is doing to help create successful businesses. From the time of conception in our minds we knew HealthyYOU Vending was the company we wanted to work with. The machines are beautiful and very well made. Everyone at HealthyYOU Vending has been there for us from day one.

Steve & Lara M. Grand Junction, Colorado October 9, 2013

Shannon N. – Cary, North Carolina

I am so glad that I took the time to go to HealthyYOUniversity. I have a PhD in Engineering and have done research and development for most of my career, but I have never run a business or been in sales. I looked at several other companies before electing to purchase HealthyYOU vending machines, but the machine warranty and support from HealthyYOU could not be beat. Thank you for all your support. I am excited about my new business and I know I would not have been able to start a business without your help.

Shannon N. Cary, North Carolina October 9, 2013

John D. – Morris Plains, New Jersey

Vending moves into the 20th century. The vending business is not what you remember it to be if you select the industry leader, HealthyYOU Vending, to partner with. This organization offers years of industry experience, attractive state of the art machines, credit card swiping, and internet inventory management. Also the machines have versatility to offer a wide variety of name brand products. The staff is very responsive with a high level of honesty and integrity. The training manual is comprehensive, even for a first time vendor, and the 2 day training class provided the hands on experience.

John D. Morris Plains, New Jersey November 14, 2013

Tracy A. – Greenville, South Carolina

From the first phone call it was evident to me that not only would this company listen to my questions and inquiries, but their support far surpassed their market competitors and the structured education I received along with the fair purchase price to becoming a distributor, was exceptional.

In the beginning I found myself waiting for the “catch”… but after working with this company for just a few days I realized they are a very honest and sound company who has built their business and reputation on principles of integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend HealthyYOU Vending to anyone looking for a sound business to invest in!”

Tracy A. Greenville, South Carolina November 14, 2013

Denise D. & Debra B. – Clifton, New Jersey

When we compared the HealthyYOU Vending system to other healthy vending companies it became obvious that HealthyYOU was a superior choice. Quality, sincerity, truthfulness, and assistance rang through. The side and entrée unit truly sets this machine apart from others on the market that only vend drinks and snacks. Certainly giving our business a great benefit .

Denise D. & Debra B. Clifton, New Jersey November 14, 2013

Steve S. – Albany, NY

HealthyYOU has provided me with, in my opinion, the most eye-catching and technically advanced vending machines available. It would have taken me months, if not years, to discover on my own what I have learned from HealthyYOU in a very short period of time. HealthyYOU continues to act as a trusted partner, which reinforces that I made the correct decision from the very beginning.

Steve S. Albany, NY October 9, 2013

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