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As the industry leader, HealthyYOU Vending has helped more people start a healthy vending business than all of our competitors combined. As the benchmark in the industry, we have set the bar for many of our competitors who have modeled their programs after ours. On the surface, many of these competing companies may seem the same, but after taking a closer look you’ll discover there are many important differences.

We are happy to send a detailed comparison of how another company and their program compares to ours. This comparison typically covers 20-30 points. While it is true that you can sometimes purchase vending machines at a lower price from a competitor, our detailed comparison will show you what you are giving up to get that price.

Below are the most critical factors to consider when starting a healthy vending business. While investigating any company that you plan to purchase from, or do business with, you should carefully research the answers to each of these important and objective questions.

How We Stack Up
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Better Business Bureau
A+ / Accredited
The BBB helps consumers identify trustworthy businesses with verified, unbiased information. Ensuring a company is BBB Accredited is your first step in checking out a company. As has been said many times – the only thing worse than a bad BB report is no BBB report.
Dun & Bradstreet
Best score in the industry
According to DNB “the DNB Portfolio Comparison is a detailed risk indicator that assesses the viability of a company compared to similar businesses. A business is no longer viable when it goes out of business, becomes dormant/ inactive or files for bankruptcy/insolvency. Ranking ranges from 1 to 9 where 9 reflects the highest probability of becoming no longer viable and 1 reflects the lowest probability.” Our rating is a 2 — the best in the industry. A company with a 5 or greater is considered high risk for going out of business.
10 Operators to Call
Federal law requires that companies selling a healthy vending business must provide the name and phone number of 10 operators they have helped start a business.
Disclosure Documents
Disclosures are required under federal law and the laws of many states. A business opportunity disclosure is not as lengthy as a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), but contains some important information.
Number of Operators
6,367 / 1,374
This is the number of people the company has helped start a business. In our nearly 19 years in business we have helped 6,367 people start a vending business with over 1,374 starting a healthy vending business. Our competitors range from 50-350.
Machine Warranty
The average vending machine warranty is one year. Our machine comes with a lifetime warranty. You can learn more about our machine at our equipment page.
SmartMart Option
The ability to offer additional products (and create an additional revenue stream) is not a necessity but it is like not having a credit card reader on a machine. You can increase sales and the size of the average sale or miss that opportunity. Most operators do not purchase a SmartMart for every machine but they like having the option. You can learn more about the SmartMart option at our SmartMart page.
Average Commission to Locations
Most healthy vending companies offer 15% of your gross sales as commission to the location. Nearly 90% of the confirmed locations that our operators have secured DO NOT require any commissions paid to locations.
Location Guarantees
We work in the geographic area you choose and assist you with locations with at least 50 employees/daily foot traffic. We also provide a relocation guarantee. You can learn more about location process at our Prime Locations page.
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