Setting the Record Straight

More people have started a healthy vending business with our company than with all of our competitors combined. We are extremely hard to compete against. Unfortunately two companies in the industry say false things about our company to undermine confidence in us hoping to level the playing field. Below are some of the false statements made about our company or our program.

How it Started

In 2015 a federal judge ordered the owner of Grow Healthy Vending to stop posting fraudulent "reviews" on the Internet posing as disgruntled Healthy You operators. Typically companies giving false information about a competitor also tend to exaggerate the truth about their own program. The former is unethical but the latter is actually illegal as it constitutes business opportunity fraud. Grow Healthy Vending was forced out of business for violation of consumer protection laws. Unfortunately, two companies, one in Las Vegas and one in Colorado, have perpetuated many of the falsehoods started by Grow Healthy Vending about our company – and have added additional falsehoods to their arsenal.

The Top Dozen Whoppers



They don’t get good locations and they try to make you get locations on your own.

After 20 years helping our customers with locations we have the best location team in the industry. Our packages include us doing the location work with little operator involvement but we also have a team approach where the operator is allowed to get more involved in the process for an even more customized approach. We don't use a cookie-cutter process and let each operator decide which option works best for them.

You don’t need all that support. It is total overkill, not necessary and way too expensive.

Offering franchise level support is one of the main reasons more people have started a healthy vending business with us than all of our competitors combined. We tried offering an option years ago with little or no support. Without support people struggle. You can read about why this option doesn't work at

Their lifetime warranty doesn’t save you anything. They just double up the price and you pay half so you are paying 100% anyway.

This is completely untrue - though it is a clever yet unethical way to try to undermine this warranty. They can't match it (or even come close) so they try to remove it from the due diligence process.

Our machines are lower quality and not the high-capacity kind that are needed for top-tier locations.

The manufacturer of our machine and the machine manufacturer of the company stating this false statement have agreed that the two machines are equal in quality. We have placed many more machines in top-tier locations than our competitor and when our operators expand their business they do so by adding more of our machines. They would not do this if the machines were of lower quality like this competitor claims. This company's owner has recently gone so far as saying the manufacturer of our machines told him that our machines were of a lower quality. No such meeting ever took place of course.

Our machines can’t go into schools or military bases and only their machine can.

This is a silly one as even our competitor selling Chinese-made machines has been able to place some machines in these types of locations. We have placed more machines in these two locations - and every type of location - than all of our competitors combined. One of our competitors states in their webinar that their machines are on the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Because we have an operator with machines at West Point we looked into their claim and found that their machines were replaced with HealthyYOU machines.

The Better Business Bureau and Dun and Bradstreet are old school and today you should instead follow the wisdom of crowds through posts on the Internet.

Anyone can post anything anonymously on the Internet. We saw this when bogus reviews about our company were posted by the owner of another company. A federal judge ordered the posts to be removed but some are still out there and one company will even link to them - knowing they are fraudulent. The BBB verifies the identity of reviewers whether the review by positive or negative. Our BBB reviews run 30 to 1 positive.

We have a talent for talking about things that don’t matter and are irrelevant.

Translation? The company making this statement can’t provide these services well so they try to minimize them. Some of the things they try to minimize are things like:
Paying 15% commission to a location or paying zero?
Having software that manages your entire business and not just tracks what inventory is currently in your machines.
The best or the worst rating with Dun and Bradstreet?

Our competitor wants to focus on just two things - machines and locations. While these are critical elements there is no way to objectively measure which company’s are better. They don't want you to consider anything that can be measured.

Price is the most important consideration when considering starting a healthy vending business.

This approach of course is taken by the small company that offers almost no resources or support. What they offer is barely more than machines and four hours training so they can only focus on beating our price.

They are not happy that we will beat their price and program. Why pay the same and get almost nothing?

Locations are not hard to find and any company you Google that says they do locations will do as good a job as an in-house team at a healthy vending company.

If this were true no healthy vending company would go to the expense of having an in-house team. We would just let others do that work. Years ago and then recently again we called every vending location company of any size and talked to them about locating healthy vending machines. None said they were able to find healthy vending locations with no commission expected for the location. Having sold traditional vending machines for eight years before we sold the nation's first healthy vending machines we know there is a HUGE difference between traditional and healthy when it comes to locating. The little company suggesting operators find someone to locate machines by googling has never helped anyone find locations.

We have a gag order in our purchase agreement that prohibits operators from posting negative reviews about our company.

We have no idea where this came from and it is of course completely untrue. It is proven false quickly by looking at our agreement. While reviews by operators run 30 to 1 positive we do have a few negative reviews, as one could reasonably expect with any company working with larger numbers of people from the general public.

Their drink section is set in the factory and cannot be changed or adjusted. And they can't vend square bottles like Fiji water. They also can't customize the snack section of their machine.

Each of the nine selections in our machine is set in the factory but each can be easily changed to fit various drink sizes and shapes. Our machine can and does vend Fiji, Muscle Milk and many other square bottles.

The snack section of our machine can be reconfigured to vend different sizes of products if needed. Our product capacity can be increased from 325 to 429. Very few people have seen a need for this.

We can't supply custom graphics and many people want that.

We've been offering custom graphics longer than this small competitor has been in business. Very few people have asked for them. This competitor sees more of a need for them because they offer a machine that is a jack-of all trades. They say you don't know what kind of vending you will do until you get locations - that maybe you will do healthy vending but you might want to vend t-shirts, sandwiches or cosmetics. We are healthy vending experts. We are not the company for you if you want to figure out AFTER you invest what kind of vending you what to do.

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