Healthy YOUniversity™

You'll Learn More Than You Ever Thought Possible — In Just Two Days!

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Ask any of our operators who’ve experienced it and they’ll agree — take the time to attend our exclusive Healthy YOUniversity training at our Corporate Office and Conference Center – included with your investment (minus travel & lodging). The experience you’ll receive at this two-day event is both comprehensive and hands-on. Everyone walks away from this training empowered to succeed and with a conviction that shouts, “I’ve got this!”

Hands-On Training With the Healthy Vending Industry’s Best Mentors

All of our trainers are experts in their field, including our coaching staff, as well as HealthyYOU Vending’s owners and executives. You’ll want to leverage their combined 40+ years of experience in the vending industry in addition to the business savvy that has helped them start several successful business ventures.

You’ll be personally instructed by our Software Consultant who developed our proprietary eManage Vending Management Software – and how it optimizes Remote Machine Monitoring data. You’ll learn firsthand all the features and advanced technologies of the HealthyYOU Vending Machine including the payment systems, SmartWarePro360™ programming technology, and MediaLink in addition to how to access and make changes to your own customized website – that we create for you. You’ll get hands-on experience as you load healthy products, set prices, adjust settings and operate the machines. You’ll sample and learn about healthy vending products and the best product resources for your healthy vending business.

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Our marketing firm will instruct you on how to approach and market your healthy vending business. You will also acquire important counsel from the head of our own CPA firm on how to set up your business entity properly, in addition to maximizing all legitimate write-offs and depreciation.The list goes on. Give yourself a deserved head start as you launch your new HealthyYOU Vending business and attend Healthy YOUniversity!

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